Four Best and Most Popular Fishing Spoons

Find out why the Little Cleo, Kastmaster, Daredevil and Krocodile fishing spoons are among the best and most popular fishing spoons out there.

Best Low Memory Fishing Line

Read which fishing lines have low memory and what makes them better at casting due to their low memory characteristics.

Favorite Crankbaits of the Pros

Delve into some of the favorite crankbaits that the pros use. See tips from the fishing pros like Kevin VanDam, Hank Parker and Ott DeFoe on how they use each crankbait.

Finding Fish in a Lake - Simple Strategies

Helpful guidelines on how to find fish in a lake. See how to find fish during spring, summer, fall and winter fishing seasons.

Berkley Fishing Lines - Comparisons and Differences

Find out all the fishing lines that Berkley carries. Discover the differences between Berkley Superline, Monofilament, Fluorocarbon to help you choose the right fishing line.

Find Fishing Spots Near You

Now you are able to check fishing spots on the lake or river near you. Our Fishing Spots feature show what fishes people catch near you. New states will be added periodically.

Rubber Core Sinkers

Allow you to quickly and easily attach, remove or reposition a sinker on your fishing line. Rubber core sinkers have an alloy football shaped body. The sinker is filled with a rubber core. A split groove allows the fishing line to pass through and attach the sinker.

New Scatter Rap Crankbait Series from Rapala

Scatter Rap crankbait from Rapala is a series of lures that have an erratic swimming action. Scatter rap crankbaits come in few styles which include shad, minnow, tail dancer, deep diving, jointed style and much more.

Best Fishing Lines To Improve Your Casting Distance

If you want to make longer casting throws on your next fishing trip, then consider your fishing line. Here are some tips on how to improve casting distance.

How to Choose Fishing Sinkers

A guide to selecting fishing sinkers for boat trolling, fishing in a river or fishing off shore. Find out how to choose between bell sinkers, pyramid, egg shaped or split shot sinkers.

Difference Between Crane Swivels and Barrel Swivels

The difference between crane and barrle swivels explained. A description of barrel and crane swivels and how they prevent your fishing line from getting twisted.