Find Fishing Spots Near You

The Fishing Spots section of this website is here to help you locate fishing spots near you. The fishing sports section will help you see fishes that have been caught by anglers in your favorite lake, river or reservoir. You will be able to see an interactive map of your lake or reservoir that shows exactly were fish have been caught.

Another great feature of our fishing spots section is the stats and descriptions each lake and reservoir has. You will be able to see which fish are the most popular to catch in your lake, which months are the most popular for fishing and what time is the best for catching fish. All this information can help you to locate be best fishing spots around where you live.

Help Others Catch Fish

You can help other fishermen find fishing spots by showing where you caught a fish on our interactive map. Find your lake or reservoir that you want to report your catch and click the &quo;Report Catch&quo; button. Then you will be able to point to where you caught the fish and enter details about the catch like what type of fish you caught, length, weight and more.

Current List of States with Fishing Spots

Here is a list of states in the US that have fishing spots or that you can report your catch in. We are updating this list as often as we can so please check back if you don’t see your state.

Alabama Fishing Spots added in Dec. 2020
Connecticut Fishing Spots added in Dec. 2020
California Fishing Spots added in Oct. 2020
Michigan Fishing Spots added in Aug. 2023
Pennsylvania Fishing Spots added in Jul. 2020
New Jersey Fishing Spots added in Jan. 2020
New York Fishing Spots added in Jan. 2020
Texas Fishing Spots added in Feb. 2024