Difference Between Crane Swivels and Barrel Swivels

The main purpose of using swivels in your fishing rigs is to prevent your line from getting twisted. There are different swivels that solve this problem with some being more effective than others. Below is a description of barrel and crane swivels and how they solve the problem.

Barrel Swivels

Barrel swivels are you basic swivels that you can use to attach two fishing lines together. They are the most inexpensive type of swivel therefor they are very popular among fishermen. Barrel swivels are somewhat limited when it comes to preventing line twists. Because of their design there is a lot of friction and they do not spin well when under pressure. That's why they should be used when you want a cheap swivel that attaches your line and line twisting is not too much of a concern.

Crane Swivels
Crane swivels have a much improved design. The eyepiece ends inside the swivel not on the outside. This gives the swivel much better performance under heavy pressure and prevents line twists much better. Because of this feature however, crane swivels are more expensive, but if you want to prevent line twisting it's better to spend the extra cash.

Snap Swivels

Both barrel and crane swivels can be a snap swivel. A snap swivel comes with a snapping attachment at one end. This makes it easy for an angler to quickly swap between different lures. If you're going to swap between different lures often then a snap swivel is the right solution for you

Swivel with Snap Connector
Swivel with Snap Connector
Snap swivels made from stainless steel material for smooth rotating action comes in various sizes.
Rolling Barrel Fishing Swivels Box
Rolling Barrel Fishing Swivels Box
An assorted box of rolling barrel fishing swivels. Box contains 400 swivels with 8 different sizes which are good for fishing line up to 500 lbs.