Rubber Core Sinkers

Rubber core sinkers have an alloy oval or football shaped outside body. Inside the body the sinker is filled with a rubber core with two twisting tabs at each end of the sinker. The body has a split groove to allow the fishing line to pass through. Twisting the rubber tabs securely attaches the rubbercore sinker to the line.

How to Use Rubber Core Sinkers

Attaching a rubber core sinker is easy. You can place them anywhere, but a good spot to attach is right above the swivel. First, insert your fishing line through the split groove in the outside body. Once the line is inside, twist the two rubber tabs the opposite direction for about a full turn. This will wrap the line around the rubber center and secure the sinker to the line. Just twist the tabs in the opposite direction to release the sinker.

Advantages of Using Rubber Core Sinkers

There are many advantages to using rubber core sinkers in your fishing rigs. They allow you to quickly and easily attach, remove or reposition a sinker on your fishing line. Unlike split-shot sinkers, rubber core sinkers are very gentle on your fishing line. Damaging, nicking or degrading your line is almost impossible. Because there’s no tying or pinching involved they allow you to change weight easily without using a snap swivel or tying loops to hold the weight. Other type sinkers tend to snag and hang on a rocks or underwater objects. Rubber core sinkers come off easier which help not to break your line. This can help you save more of your fishing tackle.


Most of the disadvantages to using rubbercore sinkers is with keeping them on your line. If you are using small sinkers with a very thin line (like a 4 lb) they tend to slide and can be a little tough to keep on. Try to buy American made, they are better at staying on than the China made ones. A good brand to get is the Water Gremlin Rubber Core Sinkers. Look for ones that have a tight fit between the alloy body and rubber center. This will ensure the sinkers fit tight and stay on.

South Bend Rubber Center Sinker
South Bend Rubber Center Sinker
South Bend Rubber Core sinkers includes 26 sinkers in assorted sizes. Sinkers come in a reusable dial box for easy accessiblity.
Rubber Grip Sinker Kit
Rubber Grip Sinker Kit
Assorted sizes rubber center sinkers make removing and adding weight quick and easy by twisting rubber center in opposite directions.