Berkley Solution Fishing Lines

Berkley is a great company when it comes to fishing lines. They are known in the business for their quality of line at reasonable pricing. They produce four main category lines with different product variations in each category which we’ll discuss in this article.

Berkley Monofilament Fishing Lines

Monofilament line is a great choice as a main line. Berkleys monofilament line is a great line to consider because it resists abrasion better than most lines. It also stretches well when you land a big fish helping to dampen the impact. The line holds knots very well which will prevent sudden break-offs and loosing your tackle. When it comes to Berkley Monofilament fishing line you have a few choices to consider.

Trilene® XL® - Smooth Casting

This is a smooth casting version of Berkley fishing line that’s meant to improve castability. It is very flexible and comes off the reel smoothly making it a pleasure to cast for long distances. Buy on Amazon

Trilene® XT® - Extra Tough

This is an extra though fishing line that has improved abrasion resistance. It’s a great line if you’re fishing in rough areas and need something tough that does not break easily. Buy on Amazon

Trilene® Sensation®

This line has been engineered to be low diameter and ultra strong. It’s a great line to use on light fishing setups. Buy on Amazon

Trilene® Micro Ice®

This line is a low stretch line that features outstanding strength per diameter. It is a good line for ice fishing. The material helps to keep ice off better than most fishing lines. Buy on Amazon

Trilene® Big Game™

This is a super strong fishing line for big game fishing. It’s a little thicker than other Berkley lines but much stronger too. It comes in heavy line weights going all the way to 130 lbs breaking weight. Buy on Amazon

Berkley Fluorocarbon Fishing Lines

Fluorocarbon line is mostly invisible in water making it hard for fish to see. The line is also very hard which makes it not as good at casting as a monofilament line. Because of this fluorocarbon line is a great choice as a leader and not so much as a main line. Berkely offers a few fluorocarbon line choices which.

Trilene® 100% Fluorocarbon

This is the most popular Berkley fluorocarbon fishing line. It is made of 100% fluorocarbon. It is hard and stiff, but holds knots well. It’s also almost invisible in water. Great line as a leader material. Buy on Amazon

Vanish® Easy Casting

If you’re thinking about putting fluorocarbon as your main line this would be a good choice. The line is less stiff, more flexible and has a smaller diameter. This will make it easier to manage when casting. Buy on Amazon


This is another version of fluorocarbon line meant to improve castability. It is not all fluorocarbon, instead it is made of co-polymer core and has a fluorocarbon coating. This makes it invisible in water and more manageable on the reel. Buy on Amazon

Trilene® 100% Fluorocarbon Ice™

This is a variation of the fluorocarbon line that has been designed for ice fishing. It has a thinner diameter than regular fluoro for better lure control and flexibility in cold water. Buy on Amazon

Berkley Superline

Superline is what Berkley calls its braided fishing line. Braided line is the strongest line you can get. It has low memory and is limp making it a great line for long distance casting. Down side of braided fishing line is that it’s extremely visible in water and it’s not especially abrasion-resistant. Because of the visibility, braided line is better used as main line instead of leader material. Berkely’s braided line choices are as follows.


This is the strongest and most popular braided fishing line from Berkley. The line has a nice round profile making it a perfect line for long distance casting. Buy on Amazon

X5 Braid

Regular braid line is made with 4-strands. The x5 is made with an extra strand making it more smoother and stronger. It performs well when fishing in vegetation and heavy cover. Buy on Amazon

X9 Braid

This line is made with 9-strands making it extra smooth and strong while preserving the same diameter as other braids. The line is also much quieter when casting because of the extra smoothness. Buy on Amazon

Jordan Lee x5 Braid and x9 Braid

This is a 2x Bassmaster Champion Jordan Lee branded braid line. It’s the same as the x5 and x9 the only difference is it comes in bright Flame Green color. Buy on Amazon

NanoFil® Uni-Filament Fishing Line

The NanoFil fishing line is a combination of monofilament and fluorocarbon making for a unique fishing line. It is made with 100% Dyneema making it strong and smooth.

NanoFil Fishing Line

This line features a very small diameter making it perfect for lightweight setups. It’s also very strong and is great at casting for long distances. The white color is visible in water so a leader material is necessary. Buy on Amazon