Strike King Series 3 Deep Diving Crankbait

Strike King Series 3 Deep Diving Crankbait
The Good: Quality crankbait with great swimming action. The Bad: It’s somewhat bulky. Overall: The Strike King Series 3 Deep Diving Crankbait is a quality crankbait with a great swimming action. However the bulky design does make catching fish somewhat difficult.
Look and Feel of the Product

The Pro-Model Series 3 is a deep diving crankbait from Strike King. It was designed to reach a maximum depth of 8 feet. The crankbait is easy to cast as well. It rarely tangles up with fishing line and its weight is enough to carry it a long way when casting.

The crankbait is very well made. It has a smooth rounded body with a glossy finish. There are plenty of colors to choose from with this particular one having a yellow and green faded color pattern. The colors are nice and bright which will make this crankbait very visible to all types of fish. There are 2 hooks attached to the body. One on the bottom and the other is at the end. Your fish is guaranteed to stay hooked as they are both sharp and well attached to the crankbait body. The diving lip has a small round ring that attaches the lure to the fishing line. It is somewhat difficult to get a snap swivel to attach since the ring is small and placed inside the crankbait lip. But once you attach it the lure is a pleasure to use.

What makes it attractive to fish

When you cast the lure out and start retrieving it you right away notice the swimming action. You can feel the lure working as the vibrations come through the fishing rod. The deep diving fishing lip gets the lure down to where the fish are fairly quickly. Once there the back and forth motion of the lure coupled with the color and the rattling of the lure do a good job at get the fish to strike.

How to Use the Lure

The Pro-Series 3 Crankbait is easy to use. You simply cast it out as far as you can and then start to retrieve it. One good method to generate strikes is to pull back on your rod to make the crankbait speed up. It has great swimming action and you can really feel the crankbait vibrate when you do that. Another way to fish with this lure is by making short stops in between when reelin in. Try pulling back and forth on the rod as you’re reeling in. This will make the crankbait go in different directions and make it look like a wounded fish. Repeat until a fish strikes.


Overall the The Pro-Series 3 is a good quality crankbait.

Strike King Series 3 Crankbait
Strike King Series 3 Crankbait
The Series 3 is a small deep diving crankbait capable of reaching depths of 8 feet. It is designed to be an easy casting crankbait.