Rapala Freshwater Vibrax Blue Fox Shallow River Trout Spinner

Rapala Freshwater Vibrax Blue Fox Shallow River Trout Spinner
The Good: Great spinning blade that always spins. Great color and overall performance makes this spinner irresistible to fish. The Bad: Price on the high end. Overall: This Blue Fox River Trout Spinner is a professional well made fishing spinner that will catch fish. It is more expensive than others but it works well and its definitely worth the money.
Fish-like body

The Blue Fox Vibrax River Trout Spinner has a fishlike body shape mimicking a small trout. The body and the blade has an attractive light bluish-green color. There is also light silver speckles all over the body which helps to attract fish. The spinning blade is mounted with plenty of space allowing it to spin without much friction. The result is a blade that always spins even when the lure is slowly retrieved. The black tri-hook is very sharp and of good quality. The spinner ends with a light multi-color tail which helps in attracting fish.

Slow retrieve gets the fish

This spinner is easy to use. You can cast it out and start retrieving it right away so that the spinner does not sink deeply. If that does not produce a strike try to wait a bit for the lure to sink then slowly retrieving it back and a fish should strike the lure. Try to vary your retrieval speed if fish are not biting.

The Blue Fox Vibrax is a colorful spinner that's a great addition to any fisherman's tackle box.

It might be on the high-end price range but you get what you pay for and that is a great looking high end fishing spinner with great performance that catches fish.