Rapala Mini Fishing Scale

Rapala Mini Fishing Scale
The Good: It has a rubber like plastic feel to it that feels natural in your hand. Gives accurate weight measurements. The Bad: You have to push hard on the on/off button to turn the scale off/on. Battery powered scale which means it runs out of power once in a while. Overall: Rapala Mini-Fishing Scale is lightweight and easy to take along with you on any fishing trip. It also gives accurate weight measurements, but it is hard to turn it on because of the sluggish on/off button.
Comfortable Fishing Scale to Hold in Your Hand.

Rapala Mini-Fishing Scale has a soft rubber like grip making it very easy to hold. The soft rubber is a nice touch as it gives the scale a soft feel and a secured, non skid surface. It’s small enough to fit comfortably inside the palm of your hand. The scale has a lightweight compact design and travels easily inside your fishing bag.

How to Use This Fishing Scale

Using the scale is pretty easy. The hook folds under, and rests inside the scale body when not in use and it easily comes off when you’re ready to weigh the fish. Hooking the fish on the scale is not a problem. The big hook holds the fish in place and the fishing scale gives clear and accurate weight results.

The scale being digital is a positive and a negative. It’s good because the weight is displayed in a digital format so you know exactly how much the fish weighs. However, anything that’s battery powered will run out of energy. So if you don’t use the sale too often they you need to remember to change the battery. Otherwise you might want use it one day and realize that the scale won’t turn on.

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Although this Rapala fishing scale is comfortable and compact, it’s not the best solution for most anglers, specially for those who do not weigh their fish often. In those situation a non-digital scale that does not require a battery would make a lot more sense.