Gitzit Fishing Spinners

Gitzit Fishing Spinners
The Good: Relatively inexpensive fishing spinners that have a good swimming action. Spinners that catch fish. Come in assorted sizes. The Bad: Spinners could use some more color variety. Overall: If you're looking for a pack of inexpensive but effective Fishing Spinners for your next fishing trip, then look no further that the Gitzit Fishing Spinner 5-Pack.
Gitzit 5-pack fishing spinners

Gitzit packs five great looking spinners you can use to catch fish like trout yellow perch and largemouth bass. The package includes two smaller sized spinners, two medium and one larger sized one. They all have a nice swimming action with the blade spinning smoothly around the body even at slow retrieval rates.

Spinning blade and swimming action
Main features that attract fish to these lures are the spinning blade, body shape, swimming action and the bushy back tail. The lure's spinning blade is attached with two holes that are slightly larger than the body wire which allows the blade to spin around smoothly with less friction even when retrieving the spinner at a slow rate. The blade also has a sparkly pattern which adds more shine when water hits it. This package provides spinners with bushy tails and ones with silver body and plain hook combo. The black tail is thick with black and brown color feathers and a red tail end.

Slow retrieve gets the fish
Gitzit spinners are simple to use. most effective way is to retrieve them at a steady pace just enough so that the blade spins smoothly. Most fish will strike the spinner if they are around. If not you can try to slow down your retrieve. But don't slow down so much that the blade won't spin. At a slower speed fish should strike specially during warm summer months when fish are lazy.

Gitzit spinners are a great pack of affordable fishing lures that look great and catch fish. Pick up a pack and start fishing today.