South Bend Fishing Spoon with Bucktail

South Bend Fishing Spoon with Bucktail
The Good: Spoon comes with a white bucktail which makes this lure very good at attracting fish. It's also fairly priced. The Bad: None. Overall: South Bend Spoon with Bucktail is a quality fishing lure that will produce strikes and is reasonably priced.
Affordable fishing spoon

South Bend Fishing Spoon with Bucktail comes at an affordable price and is great at getting fish to strike. It is effective on all types of fish but specially on Lake Trout, Pickerel and Largemouth Bass. Its white bucktail does a good job at attracting fish and it's what separates this spoon from many others on the market.

Fishing spoon with a wobble that attracts fish

The white bucktail end of this fishing spoon is what's so attractive to fish. The lure's uneven sides make it wobble from side to side while the white bucktail goes the opposite way. This gives the spoon a swimming action thats looks close to a real fish and makes predator fish strike the lure. The silver material color is great at reflecting sun rays on bright days. This makes the spoon highly visible to fish and produces more strikes. These are all good qualities that will make fish bite the lure, but to catch more fish you should consider how to present the lure to your potential catch.

Steady retrieve the spoon to get fish to strike

There is couple of ways to use this spoon effectively. The simple way to use it is to cast it out and retrieve it steadily and slowly. The spoon will have a nice wobble to it and it will look like a fish is swimming. Try to vary the speed of the retrieve so that the spoon has a nice wobble to it. You can try it by dipping the lure into the water and looking at how it wobbles at different speeds. Once you have an idea of how fast you need to pull the lure in, cast in out and you should get a fish to strike. Also try the spoon at different depths. Let it sink before you retrieve it and it will go deeper. Another way to fish with this spoon is to jerk it back and forth as you reel in. The quick pull will bring the lure forward and then it will sink giving an impression of wounded fish. On the way down a hungry fish should strike it.

The South Bend Fishing Spoon with Bucktail is a quality lure at an affordable price. Pick one up for your next fishing trip and you won't be disappointed.