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Proberos 6-Pack Crankbait Set

About Proberos

Proberos strives to be Global top brand of fishing gears. Our products are built with the intention of creating high quality and durable fishing gears which feature a user friendly design. As part of an ongoing goal to maintain the highest level of quality, We promise stand 100% behind our products.Welcome to shopping and fishing with Proberos!

Why we like lure fishing?

Lure fishing is an addictive and environment-friendly way to catch fish. Proberos designed various types of lures uses different movement, vibration, flash and color to bait fish.Choosing the right fishing lure can mean the difference on each fishing outing as to whether you land that catch. Proberos's extensive range offers you all the options you need to target and hook your desired catch and make your fishing trip worth while.

Fish-Attracting Design:
- 3D Life like Fish Eyes
- Laser Printed Body
Balanced and Long-Cast Design:
- Stainless Steel BBs Inside Lures' Chamber
Details: - Double Flat Strong Rings
2 * #6 High Carbon Steel Treble Hooks
High Performance ABS Material

·Brand: Proberos
·Equiped with 2 hooks
·Styles of hooks: #6 High Carbon Steel Treble Hooks
·Movement in the water: Crankbait
·Flash: Printed
·Color: Multicolored
·Length: 3inch
·Weight: 0.44oz
·Material: ABS plastic
·Diving depth: 4-7ft (depending on individual operation)
·Targeting: Perch, Bass, Walleye, Pike, Muskie, Roach, Trout, etc.

Package Information
Package size: 8 * 9* 13cm / 3.15 * 3.54 * 5.11in
Package weight: 450g/ 0.5lb
Package include: 6 Fishing Lures/Set

The Hook Is Extremely Sharp.
Please Take Care For Handle It.
Keep It Out Of Children's Reach.

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