Berkley Warpig Crankbait

Brand: Berkley
The Warpig lipless crankbait from Berkley is a quality built crankbait that has loud rattles and great swimming action.
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  • BERKLEY WARPIG FRESHWATER CRANKBAIT: Pro designed by hard bait legend and expert David Fritts, Berkley Warpig fishing lures are built for consistent performance.
  • ENTICING ACTION: Featuring a lipless design, these crank baits sink with aggressive action, maximum sound and vibration. Blunt nose deflects off structures, making this bait ideal for fishing in areas with heavy cover.
  • HEAVY DUTY HARDWARE: Equipped with stainless steel split rings and treble hooks, this crankbait delivers easy penetration and great holding ability even in the toughest fights.
  • DURABLE AND EXACT: Capturing the essence and action of artfully crafted wooden baits, this synthetic crankbait provides precision and durability with every cast. Lure is easy to rig for anglers of all experience levels.
  • PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS: Lure Size: 1/2 oz, 3in | 8cm. Color: Gilly. Swimming Depth: Sinks. Hook Size: 5. Number of Hooks: 2.