DD22 Deep-Diving Crankbait

Brand: Norman Lures
Deep-diving crankbait from Norman Lures reaches depths of 11 tot 17 feet. Features realistic, attention-grabbing action and a variety of color patterns.
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The Norman DD22 dives differently than other deep-diving crankbaits. Due to its bill style, the crankbait swim down to its depth range rather than dive straight down. This adds to the realism while swimming through clouds of suspended baitfish. The Norman DD22 is also constructed from butyrate, which will make a low thud sound which helps bass and other fish locate the lure and strike.

  • Color Sexy Shad
  • Length3 inch
  • Weight 5/8 oz
  • MaterialButyrate
  • StyleDeep Diving
  • Diving Range11 to 17 feet