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How to Choose Sinkers A guide on how to select sinkers for different fishing situations.
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Sinkers for Fishing including Split Shot Sinkers, Egg Sinkers, Round and Bullet

Split shot sinkers have a a groove that runs along the length of the sinker. Its purpose is to attach the sinker to the fishing line. Rubber core sinkers use ribber in the middle of the sinker to attach the sinker to the line. Advantage of using rubber sinkers is that they can be attached quickly and these sinkers do not damage the fishing line. Bell sinkers are round shaped and therefore are prefered for trolling and off shore anglers. Their bell roundness allows for smoother interactions with objects in water and prevents tangle up.


Split Shot Sinker Assortment

79-Pack Split Shot Sinker Assortment Dial-A-Box.
Eagle Claw

Egg Sinker and Split-Shot Assortment

55-Pack. Great for sinking bait to the strike zone.
South Bend

Casting Sinkers Assortment

28-Pack. Revolving Easy-To-Use Dial Box casting sinkers.
Eagle Claw

Worm Weight Sinker Assortment

27-Pack. Great for sinking bait to the strike zone.
South Bend

Rubber Center Sinkers Assortment

26-Pack. Rubber center sinkers in assorted sizes.
Eagle Claw

Rubber Twist Lock Sinkers

26-Pack. Rubber sinkers great for sinking bait to the strike zone.
Bullet Weights

Cannonball Sinkers

Cannonball Sinkers are a favorite among salmon and steel head fishermen.
$24.28 - $33.99
Bullet Weights

Ultra Steel Egg Sinkers

Get the weedless performance of the egg sinker for more sensitivity and greater durability..
$15.45 - $31.95
Bullet Weights

Bullet Wight Egg Sinkers

Sinkers that dont get stuck in weeds and rocks.
$17.00 - $32.03
Bullet Weights

Bullet Weight Sinker Kit

60-Pack. Great for Texas Rig fishing and many other weedless applications.
Water Gremlin

Low Profile Slip Sinkers

16-Pack. Water Gremlin low profile slip sinker is designed to go through weeds, moss and grass.
$0.87 - $5.49
Water Gremlin

Egg Sinker Pouch

14-Pack. Egg sinkers pouch provides friction free bait presentation.
$0.26 - $16.88
Water Gremlin

Bullet Sinker Pouch

12-Pack. Easy, effective way to add a little weedless weight to your line.
$0.87 - $18.88
Water Gremlin

Round Split Shot Pouch

20-Pack. Round slip shot sinkers squeeze easy on using your fingers.
$0.99 - $6.55
Water Gremlin

Removable Split Shot Bulk

630-Pack. Buy removable split shot sinkers in bulk packages to save money.
$25.88 - $32.11