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Gamakatsu Live Bait Fishing Hooks
Gamakatsu quality fishing hooks provide strong durability and laser sharp hooks to hook your fish every time. They feature a closed eye, are made of forged steel and come in black anodized finish.

Needle Point Black Chrome Fishing Hooks
These fishing hooks are great value at a great price. Use these hooks for nightcrawlers and small minnows to catch freshwater fish like bass, trout, walleye or panfish. All size hooks for freshwater fish.

Gamakatsu Octopus Fishing Hooks
Gamakatsu Octopus Hooks are versitile and strong hooks for freshwater and saltwater fishing. Use Gamakatsu Hooks to fish for salmon. Gamakatsu Hooks stay shart for very long time, even after repeated use.
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Fishing Hooks from Gamakatsu, Eagle Claw and Como

Gamakatsu are high quality fishing hooks. When fishing for large fish species use large size durable hooks, and small hooks for smaller species. Also consider the fish mouth diameter when buying fishing hooks. Largemouth bass will take a large size hook even when the fish is reletivaley young and small.


Live Bait Hooks 25 Pk

Sticky sharp, super strong fishing hooks.
$9.11 - $19.55

Black Octopus Hooks

100-Pack. Octopus fishing hood known for its durability and strength.
$25.09 - $36.33

Red Barbless Octopus Hook

100-Pack. Specially designed bend allows the hook to penetrate quickly and hold.
$24.87 - $39.76

Offset Worm Hooks

Standard offset shank worm hook with closed eye.
$10.99 - $26.94

Octopus Circle Hooks 6 Pk

In-line octopus circle hook.

Inline-point Octopus Circle Hooks

Same design as the Octopus Circle hook, but without any offset.

Black Chrome Hook

Ideal for baiting up nightcrawlers and minnows for walleye and panfish, and for rigging crabs.
$11.84 - $17.17

Cutting Point Red Hooks

Red color hooks excellent for baiting walleye, bass, tarpon and other inshore species.
$11.84 - $17.17
South Bend

Assorted Hooks

Box of assorted sizes fishing hooks.
Eagle Claw

Assorted Hooks

Ultra sharp Eagle Claw fishing hooks assortment for carp and other fishing.

Triple Fishhook Hooks

#8 Replacement hooks for your old and rusted crankbait hooks. 10-Pack.

Triple Fishhook Hooks

#6 Hooks for replacing old crankbait hooks and other lures. 5-Pack.

Kvd Triple Treble Hooks

Great replacements for standard hooks found on crankbaits. 11-Pack.

Ultra Point Treble Hooks

#4 Replace your old crankbait hooks with this triple ultra sharp hook . 11-Pack.