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Metallic Color Fishing Spoon Lure
These fishing spoons from Akuna are easy to use and appeal to all game fish. They feature a wobbly motion that imitates a crippled baitfish and they are easy to see thank to their flashy metallic color.

Sierra Spec Brown Trout Spoon Lure
These high performance fishing spoons from Sierra feature a Brown Trout color and dotted specs with a hard finish clear coat to attract fish like Lake Trout, Largemounth Bass and more.
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Effective Fishing Spoons for Trout, Bass and more

Fishing spoons come in a veriatey of colors and sizes and are great at catching predatory freshwater and saltwater gamefish species. Spoons swim with a flashy wobbly motion that imitates a crippled baitfish and makes them irresistible to fish.

South Bend
1 oz.

Kast-A-Way Spoon

Fishing spoon with white bucktail.
Blue Fox
1/2 oz.

Pixee Spoons

Fishing spoon great for salmon, trout and steelhead.
South Bend
1/4 oz.

Original Red Devil Spoon

Red and white fishing spoon.
2-3/4 in.

Minnow Weedless Spoon

Silver minnow weedless spoon.
1/8 oz.

Shot Rattle Spoon

Small fishing spoon with rattle inside.
$4.95 - $5.79
3 in.

Spoon Fishing Lures

5-Pack. Fishing spoons with side spoons for extra vibration.
Luhr Jensen
4 or 5 in.

Spoon Fishing Lures

Odd shaped spoon with bright colors and freedom of movement in all directions.
$5.55 - $7.99
Strike King
4 or 5.5 in.

Sexy Spoon

The Sexy Spoon is an awesome schooling fish bait.
$8.33 - $12.99
Yellow Tail spoon
Free Fisher
3/16 oz.

Spinner Spoon Lure

Spoon lure with a yellow tail. Attracts all game fish types.
Flat Spoon
Free Fisher
3/8 oz.

Game Fishing Lures Spoon

Bronze color flat spoon for all types of game fish.
Northland Lure
1/2 oz.

Live-Forage Weedless Spoon

Hook weed guard prevents lure from getting stuck in weeds.
Jigging spoon
1/4 oz.

Jigging Spoon

Jigging spoon for bass and other fish types.
Krocodile Spoon
Lurh Jensen
5/8 oz.

Krocodile Spoon

Krocokile style fishing spoon with heavy duty construction and corossion-resistant design.
Northland fish lure
5/8 oz.

Minnow Spoon Jig

Fishfry minnow spoon jig is designed to look like real fish.
Spoon with Bucktail
1/2 oz.

Spoon with White Bucktail

10-Pack. Quality fishing spoons with white bucktail end for attracting fish.
Colorful Fishing Spoons
3/8 oz.

Color Fishing Spoons

3-Pack. Colorful spoons for catching fish.
Blue Bucktail Spoon
1/8 oz.

Blue Spoon with Bucktail

Blue fishing lure with with tail attachement for producing strikes.
Gold Spoon
3/8 oz.

Gold Metal Spoon

Gold metal spoon with spinner blade and a white tail attachement.
Spoon with red tail
Bay de Noc
1/4 oz.

Spoon with Red Tail

Flat long fishing lure with red tail end.
Little Cleo Spoon
2/5 oz.

Little Cleo Spoon

Pink and gold striped little cleo fishing lure.
Tiger striped spoon
1/16 oz.

Tigger Syclops Spoon

Fire tiger lure with red eye and sharp hook.
Trout spoon
5/8 oz.

Trout Spoon

Fishing spoon with trout like colors and pattern.
Tiger pattern spoon
7/8 oz.

Trout Spoon

Yellow and green lure with tiger like pattern and colors.
Rainbow fishing lure
1/4 oz.

Frostee Rainbow Spoon

Rainbow color fishing lure with sparkling frost pattern.
Long skinny spoon
1/4 oz.

Viking Spoon

Long and skinny fishing spoon with gold and green colors.
Berkley Fishing Lure with Red Tail
1/2 oz.

Chrome Sprite Spoon

Sprite lure is unique zig-zag wobble that sends vibrations through water.
Rainbo Plastic Lure
1/2 oz.

Red Plastic Lure

Fluorescent red plastic fishing lure.
Dimond shaped spoon
James Clark

Squid Spoon

Dimond shaped spoon with red beed attached.