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Freshwater Spinnerbait for Largmouth Bass Fishing

Spinnerbait are a very versitile lures that can be use in many different conditions throughout the year. Spinnerbait is perfect for in shallow water situations where bass are hiding between structures like rocks fallen trees and other cover. Spinnerbait comes in short-arm, long-arm and twinspins design configurations.

Strike King

Bleeding Mini-King Spinnerbait
1/8 oz.

Spinnerbait with red hook and bleeding accent skirt.
Strike King
7/16 oz.

Ratlin Midnight Special Spinnerbait

Spinnerbait with single barrel rattler designed for low light and night fishing.
3/8 oz.

Super Shad Spinnerbait

Spinnerbait with 4 spinners.
$6.93 - 8.51
Strike King black spinnerbait
Strike King
5/8 or 1/2 oz.

Micro-King Spinnerbait

Black tail silver colorado blade spinnerbait.
$1.74 - $7.00
Spinnerbait with jig head
1-1/2 in.

Beetle Spin with Nickel Blade

Featured translucent polycarbonate jig head spinnerbait.
Super Stainless Spinnerbait
1/4 oz.

Super Stainless Spinnerbait

Features colorado and willow spin blades and enhanced with premium ball-bearing swivels.
Spinnerbait Quality Pack
Free Fisher
5/8 oz.

Fishing Spinnerbait

6-Pack of quality spinnerbait lures.
Lure with Fish End
Strike King

Rocket Shad Spinnerbait

Prefect schooling fish lure and a great drop bait.
Red spinnerbait
1/2 oz.

Vibrant Color Spinnerbait

Vibrant red color with ball bearing swivel.
Spinnerbait with colorado dimond blade
Strike King
1/8 oz.

Mini-King Spinnerbait

Popular small spinnerbait with colorado dimond blade.
Terminator yellow bait
1/2 oz.

T-1 Series Spinnerbait

Unique changeable silicone QuickSkirts with power pulse trailer.
Matzuo Spinnerbait Lure
3/8 or 1/8 oz.

Kamikaze Spinnerbait

Matzuo's Kamikazi offers Sterling 3D Eyes on both head and blade to make it look like a school of minnows moving though the water.
$2.41 - $13.82
Matzuo Pink color Bait
3/8 oz.

Zen Series Kamikazi Spinnerbaits

Solid brass blades and stainless-steel ball bearing swivel.