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We have a great selection of all types of crankbait like lipless, medium diving or deep diving. Buy crankbait from top manufacturers like Rapala Crakbait, Strike King, Bomber Lures and more. Our Fishing Spoons section has many different spoon styles and colors to choose from. Great fishing spoons from Northland, Blue Fox, South Bend and more. Freshwater fishing spinners are another great way to catch fish. Our array of spinners include Yakima Rooster Tail Spinners, Panther Martin, Mepps Agila Spinner. There is also a great seletion of spinner bait from Strike King, Berkley and Terminator Spinner Bait. Soft Plastic Fishing Lures include Berkley Power Bait Worms and Grup Lures, Manns Worm Lures and more.

Featured Lures


Clackin' Rap Fishing Crankbait

The uniquely designed sound chamber features a single steel ball and external metal discs that transmit a distinctive clackin' sound with maximum vibration.
Blue Fox

Vibrax Plated 3/16 oz Fishing Spinner

The free-turning brass gear housed within the lure reduces twist and adds vibration as it rattles against the outer body. Brass stamped blades are silver plated or copper plated and painted

Hardnose Worm Fishing Lure

The HardNose Worm has an appealing silhouette and unique action. The unique tail design helps to prevent hang-ups on weeds and branches and is very effective whether cast, pitched, or flipped.