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The Secret Behind Scatter Rap That Will Catch More Fish Find out what makes the new Scatter Rap® so good at catching fish.

Rapala Rattlin Fishing Crankbait This extra-loud shallow-running crankbait is equipped with 2 full-size treble hooks that will hook any fish. This is a crankbait with rattling BB's inside to produce nose to attract fish.

Strike King Fishing Crankbait This crankbait produces eratic action that attracts fish to the lure and produces strikes. One of the best crankbaits for largemouth bass and other types of fish.

Storm Vibrating Lipless Crankbait This lipless vibrating crankbait has a life like fish profile and can be fished at varied depths. If your looking for crankbait that wont tangle then this is it as this crankbait has nice balace to prevent tangling.
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Crankbait - Lipless, Medium and Deep Diving

Crankbait can be deadly when it comes to Largemouth Bass or Trout fishing. Crankbait comes in a variety of different configurations to accomodate different fishing scenarions. Top water crankbait is good for fishing on top of the water. Medium and deep diving crankbait feature a diving lip that makes the crankbait swim downword. It can dive anywhere from 3 to 20 feet deep. Lipless crankbait does not dive but it can submerege to couple of feet deep depending on how fast you retrieve the lure.


Lipless Crankbait

Lipless crankbait with rattling BBS to attract fish.

Strike King

Lipless Crankbait

Lipless crankbait with rattling BBS to attract fish.
$3.80 - $16.89

06 Rap Fishing Lure

Features a steel ball and external metal discs that transmit sound and vibration.

07 Shad Fishing Lures

The shad rap closely resembles many baitfish throughout the world.

06 Shad Fishing Lures

The wide concave bill creates a unique action and vibration.

05 Shad Fishing Lures

Built tough with hard-diving lips and sharp treble hooks.
Strike King Crankbait
Strike King

Square Bill Crankbait

Deflects off cover to entice strikes. Dives 3 to 6 feet.
$6.25 - $9.50
Strike King Diving Crankbait
Strike King

Square Bill 1.5 Crankbait

Erratic action crankbait perfect for shallow water power fishing.
Minnow Crankbait Lure
Strike King

Bitsy Minnow Bait

The color patterns create an appealing and natural look to the fish.
Bomber Crankbait Lure

Model A Fishing Lure

Durable and dependable fishing lure for all freshwater fish species.
$5.80 - $8.25
Berkley Trout Crankbait

Flicker Shad Fishing Bait

Swimming action creates flicker that imitates fleeing fish.
$5.70 - $8.05
wLure Cranbait Lure

Lipless Crankbait

Balanced rattle system, body only hooks come separately.
wLure Cranbait with Lip

Crankbait with Lip

Balanced rattle system, with lip shallow diving lure.
Fishing lure bait

Crankbait with Lip

Balanced rattle system, with lip deep diving lure.
Normad Hard Bait Lure

Deep Little Crankbait

Straight running deep diving crankbait thats sure to catch fish.
Band-it Crankbait

Grenada Shad Bait

Dive depth is 8 to 12 feet. Pink color hard bait lure.