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Three Best Lipless Crankbaits Every Fisherman Needs to Have

Crankbait is probably one of the best artificial fishing lures to use for catching fish. But with all the choices out there it's hard to know which crankbait works the best. In the Crankbait world fisherman can choose a deep diving, medium diving, top water or lipless crankbaits. One of the best and most versatile of these choices is the lipless crankbait. Here we will examine three lipless crankbaits that that every fisherman needs to have in his tackle box.

Rapala 06 Clackin Rap Crankbait

1. Rapala 06 Clackin' Rap Lipless Crankbait

The Clackin Rap crankbait from Rapala is one of the most beautiful and well made lipless crankbaits out there. It features a rattle ball noise maker that fish cannot resist. The holographic body foils and the smooth overall texture reflects sunlight which attracts even more fish with its irresistible flash. The crankbait has a really has nice motion in the water. When you shake it you can definitely hear the chamber make a noise and the hooks are very sharp as well. Although expensive the Rapala Clackin Rap works great. You will always catch fish with this lure. It comes highly recommend and it should be inside every fisherman's tackle box.

Northland Forage Crankbait

2. Northland Live Forage Rippin' Shad

The Live Forage Rippin Shad is a lipless rattle crankbait that attract fish to strike. They are designed with a flat head for a tight wiggling action, and feature an internally weighted rattle chamber to emit vibrations of distressed baitfish to lure fish from a wide radius. They work wonders vertically jigged for lake trout, slab crappies and walleyes that are attracted to the lure's authentic body shape and vibration emitted by the rattling ball inside its body. The lure comes in eight different colors and patterns to choose from.

Cotton Cordell Crankbait

3. Cotton Cordell Gay Blade Lure

Fish can feel it coming. The flathead design of the Gay Blade Crankbait sends a tight, pulsating wiggle that mimics a wounded baitfish. The unique flathead action produces strikes even on the most stubborn fish. Dual line-tie holes let you work it like a vibrating bait or jigging spoon. The Cotton Cordell Gay Blade lure is great for bass, trout, walleye and other schooling fish. You can fish this lure with a straight retrieve or with a jigging or a ripping motion for when the fish are not as aggressive or down deep. Both the blue version and the black version seem to be the best color and pattern combination that attract fish, although blue finish lure seemed to catch more fish.