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Fishing Scales for Weighing Fish

Ditigal and tube fishing scales comfortable and easy to hold while weighing fish. Scales that lock tight on fish jaws and releases fish unharmed.


Mini Digital Scale

Digital scale powered by one lithium coin battery.
American Weigh

Digital Hanging Scale

Yellow digital hanging scale is the perfect companion for fishing trips.

Lip Grip Scale

Positive locking jaw action, comfortable handle, 14-inch shaft.

Tube Fishing Scale

Fish scale with spring & handle with aluminum tube.

Digital Fishing Scale

Ergonomic body design is comfortable and easy to hold while weighing fish.

Pro Guide Lock'N Grip with Scale

The perfect Tool for catch and release photos.

EZ Set Drag Scale

Accurately setting the reel's drag system allows the drag to safely slip and avoids overstressing or line breakage.

Fish Scale with Tape Measure

Calibrate measurements with zero balance adjustment and a metric tape to meausre fish.