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Victorinox 6-Inch Fillet Knife with Fibrox Handle
This high quality fillet knife is ideal for separating fish meat from bones with precise control. The excellent stainelss steel blade stays sharp and has great shape retention. The textured handle provides extra grip so that you fillet knife will not slip.

Rapala Soft Grip Fillet Knife
This soft grip handle fillet knife provide a comfortable feel when filleting fish or any other meat. The stainless steel blade of this Rapala Fillet Knife is of high quality that will last for lifetime of this product.

Kershaw Adjustable Blade Fillet
Kershaw fillet knife with angle blade provides great cutting flexibility and control. This fillet knife has a stainless steel flexible blade and it comes in five to nine inches long. It also features a non slip handle.
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Fillet Knifes for Freshwater Fish

Any of these knifes is perfect for fillting any type of fish. You can make bonless fillets out of bass, trout, salmon and panfish. American Angler has been bringing you the most innovative products to satisfy all your fishing needs and this fillet kit provides everything you need to help get the best out of the large fish you've just caught! This kit includes a 110Volt electric fillet knife, one 8" and and one 5.5" freshwater blade, a 10" shark blade and a vinyl-coated stainless steel wire fillet glove.


Fillet Knife 7"

7-Inch stainless steel fishing fillet knife.

Fillet Knife 9"

9-Inch stainless steel fishing fillet knife.
Buck Knife

Fixed Blade Filet Knife

9-Inch safe, reliable, and durable fillet knife.

Classic Fillet Knife

Handle features reindeer antler and curly birch.

Soft Grip Fillet Knife

Equipped with flexible stainless steel blade combined with a no-slip, soft-grip molded textured handle.
$9.85 - $30.39

Sani-Safe Fillet Knife

sealed sanitized blade is completely impervious to liquid or food penetration minimizing bacteria transfer.
Bubba Blade

Flex Fillet Knife

Full tang construction made from a single piece of steel provides strength and stability and balances the knife.
American Angler

White Medium Fillet Knife

With soft grip handle for ease of use and a comfortable well maintained grip.
Colombia River

Fillet Razor Edge Knife

Grinded scallops to create air pockets so fillets don't stick to blades.
Gone Fishing

Brown Fillet Knife

Narrow, extra-thin blade flexes for extra control while fileting.

Lithium Ion Cordless Fillet Knife

An electric fillet knife with a built-in lithium ion battery.
American Angler

Electric Fillet Knife

Electric fillet knife with powerful motor and transmission engineered for optimum filleting performance.